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Server not Starting or Impossible to Connect or Find Server

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in game press ¬ button at loading to open console an type= open <IP here>:7777

Okay, I got that to work. It was getting stuck because of my server password.

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hey glad it works for you now! the password contained special characters?

it seems that ASA is misinterpreting them

No, it was just a basic password, but I wasn't sure how the syntax for the command went, got it figured out now. So that command works, but still not showing up on the in-game browser? That seems like a 80/443 issue specifically? I guess I could see if someone external could connect as a test of forwarding.

Okay, final message on this topic! I got my server to show up in the server browser. Using Wireshark I was able to figure out there was still a 443/80 issue still but not being resolved by the RSA CRL or Trust Cert as in the other posting. I may have accidentally removed another required certificate when I was doing that (not sure), not exactly sure which one I needed but it was one of them on the amazontrust website. Ps... I may have gotten fed up and just installed them all to LM, but it worked. Strangely though all of the "test" verifications on the website said they all were "trusted" so, not sure why that was a thing... Perhaps someone who knows more about Trust Certs than I do might be able to understand this. See image for all the ones I installed. There is also the CRL installed but there are plenty of images of that one in other posts.

#HappyDance! 😀

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I'm glad to hear it's working now, and that the issue has been resolved! It's indeed challenging to pinpoint the problem on an unfamiliar architecture and the various steps taken by the user. The intricacies of managing certificates, especially when it involves multiple potential sources of the issue like Trust Certs or CRLs, can certainly add layers of complexity. Your approach of using Wireshark to diagnose the issue was smart, and sometimes, albeit not the most elegant solution, installing all potential certificates can be the quickest path to resolution. It's curious that all the certificates appeared "trusted" during your tests, which might hint at a more nuanced issue with the trust chain or server configuration. This could be an interesting point of discussion for someone with deep expertise in Trust Certificates.

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