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"[values] is empty", can't launch server

Hi there, first time using a server manager. Having trouble getting my server to start up for the first time, trying to just get a LAN server up right now. Every time I hit "Start Server" I get a popup saying "Port or QueryPort or maxPlayers is empty. Please check the GameUserSettings.ini". Initially, since I had copied my ini from my singleplayer save, it was missing those. But after adding in the lines, it still gives me this error. It's not like the ASADM is blind, it sees the options right there, and I can even edit the values.

But no matter how many times I save the GUS or exit/reload the program, it still throws a fit about those settings being missing. Am I using the wrong values? Do I have them in the wrong place (currently, the values are under [ServerSettings])? Did I insert them incorrectly?

Any help would be appreciated, and I also appreciate that someone even made a program to make this all easier to begin with.

Hey you must place this parameter under








In GameUserSettings.ini

the manager reads this section for start server don’t use solo ini for server …

if you at stuck the manager have a button to reset config file under start server button this will put a correct template file for your server

You can check the official wiki here