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translating the program

languages you want to see
Allemand (German)3 Votes · 27.27%
Espagnol (Spanish)2 Votes · 18.18%
Portugais (Portuguese)2 Votes · 18.18%
Italien (Italian)1 Vote · 9.09%
Russe (Russian)3 Votes · 27.27%
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@arkdex You can download the pre-release to validate and test before a final release to all users:

download prerelease link

can you confirm that the accents are correct?

Check the length of the text on certain buttons or messages that are too long

thanks again

for the next release Adding the list of contributors for the different development participations

I don't know if it's possible, but it adds a way to update the option names.
Currently it is only possible to translate the description of the options in gus.ini and game.ini.

I didn't quite understand your answer?

The previous answer was referring to something else, I'll explain later.
They are wrong about the accent, but I think your program is not accepting special characters

Or the file I downloaded is in incorrect encoding


I sent it in the same extension file that I downloaded txt.
in my program that I edit note pad + it is normal with special characters.

I sent a new version on discord with text corrections, but you just have to see why the program is giving an error with special characters.

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Now that I noticed, if you send the file here on the forum they disfigure the translations that have a special character, I sent it on discord to avoid this

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Good afternoon. Sending my version of translations of the program and configuration in Russian hope it will be useful. My tag in discord group @Mr.1

Uploaded files:
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Hey, @magistr1

thank you very much this will be integrated into the next update

Please can you send me the files on discord:

because on the forum the files are altered and do not retain their original format:

I gave you the rights in the Discord channel dedicated to translation

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