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Quick help for the new profile manager

➡ Quick help:

Before the update the manager used the C:\xxxx\"server" folder

Now it uses the folder C:\xxxx\"Profile Name"

So if you want to keep your old server Choose the path:

C:\xxxx\ and in profile name type server (or rename your folder to the name of the profile)

be careful not to be tricked into creating two folders C:\xxxx\server\server the manager fills this out so you don't put server in the path

click on create profile and then select the profile then click on select to launch your server configured with your profile this allows you to configure several servers if necessary by separating the parameters of each

💡  I hope this helped you  the release note

Tried to follow your instructions above to keep my old server profile. One issue, the manager doesn't recognize the old server installation and wants me to reinstall. I just updated to the latest server version right before updating ASAM to this massive change. Any help?

After some more trial and error. Like the instructions above. Point the server path to whatever your folder is relitive to the TestASA folder in the image above.

Then type server into the profile create box and click create.
Then select the profile named "server" and click select.

ASAM should then see the old installation and use your old profile for the server.

If you accidentally create the server\server issue, select server from the profile drop down  and click delete. Then try again.

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thank you for the details, can you confirm that you successfully added your old server?