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Option to sync INI between profiles

something like this in picture, but simle copying settings between profiles could be good as well

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Hey maybe but much later

Sorry, not trying to hijack OPs post, I just did not want to add a new thread/clutter since theirs existed.

With that said, I would be totally fine and appreciative of a "sync" or sync ✅/❌. It is currently a PITA to make a change then make sure all the mods/rates match in my cluster. This will only compound as more maps release. Thank you for your hard work and great tool thus far.

ASADedicatedManager is not the same of the manager who know for evolved during development the choice was to read the configuration files and build the manager interface on reading the files rather than building them based on the manager interface this gives you great flexibility to import existing files and see the manager interface build based on your files but makes the synchronization you are asking for  difficult to achieve you already have an option in the profilemanager to copy your servers or settings it is up to you to adapt them according to your profiles for the mods they are also copied from the profile copy you also have an option to copy and paste the mod list in the manager interface