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New Setup/Thanks!!!

So my friends and I were BIG Evolved players for awhile. Sure we are all aware of the server manager most everyone(if not everyone)was using and it was pretty awesome. This is that in a nutshell. I was able to download this manager, play with it a little and figure out how it worked, and then install and setup a joinable server. I have been looking for something like ASM that mad it simple, and this did just that. We have been paying for a Nitrado server for a couple of months while trying to get a home server working. This made it SOOO easy. Was even able to bring in the files from the Nitrado instance and now we have lost nothing and gained $25/mo, plus the capability of running a cluster now. Was even able to setup a cluster and have been able to jump between Island and Scorched already. Granted, this is the first day it has been up, but so far, so good! Got a couple of weeks to test it out before fees are due again Thanks SOOOO much to the dev for making this. Has made having a server enjoyable again!!

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Hello glad this can be useful to you 😉