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New "How To" please

I want to setup a cluster for my Island server I already have going and want to attach Scorched Earth to it. In the guide section I didn't see anything on how to do this. I'm sure I could just crash through it but could you please do a simple guide on what to select and how to setup a cluster?

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Its on a discord server

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Quote from Sadistic on 04/02/2024, 1:25 AM

Its on a discord server

I can`t find a simple instructions for converting several individual servers to a cluster without having to reinstall the servers.
Can you send a link for that?

I have actually svartalfheim (custom map), the island and scorched earth as seperate server installs and would like to combine these into a cluster with just a few clicks.

Or at least be able to create a new server where I enter the path. However, I can only find the item "Profile Manager -> Open or create a new server profile".
I don't want to create a new "profile", but a new "server". Or is this a misleading wording?

My preference would be: Take the paths "C://cluster/server1" + "C://cluster/server2" + "C://cluster/server3" and create a working cluster from these 3 paths, with profile "name".

is there a possible, that a dumb noob like me can implement this without having to complete a degree in language and IT?


Hello, this is not possible. You must create one profile per server

ASADedicatedManager works with profiles to reference a lot of things from the server like the PID path to the different files that are specific to the profile and the server, you cannot mix several dedicated servers in the same profile profile

Cluster installation instructions are in the Discord