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Game.ini and GUS.ini Backup

Fist of all, I wanna say thank you for all the work you have done here. My wife and I are having a blast in ASA and your manager make running a private dedicated server an absolute breeze.

Would it be possible to include the Game.ini and GUS.ini files as part of the server backups? This evening, for some reason, the server crashed and my GUS.ini got corrupted. The manager wouldn't even progress beyond beyond the splash screen when I tried to load it up again. When I replaced the corrupted GUS.ini file with a new one, all was well. However, I'm stupid and didn't keep a copy of the files and had to try to recreate all of our settings from scratch! 🙁

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It could also be nice if some form of game.ini.backup file could be kept whenever changes are made to them just to have a little safety net incase something accidently gets messed up (I've beeen there before XD)

Good idea I will add this to roadmap