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Existing Server Integration:

ASA Dedicated Server Manager is tailored for flexibility, allowing easy integration with your existing server setup. To do this, follow these simple steps:

For this example the folder of my existing server is called theisland inside it contains all the folders of the existing server

To work with ASA Dedicated Manager I have to move it to a parent folder we notice here in the TestASA example you can name it whatever you want

After that start ASA Dedicated Server Manager: and create your profile like this

It is really important that you name the profile as the name of the folder containing your server you will notice when you click Create the name of the profile is automatically added to the folder path. Then choose your newly created profile and click on select to start ASADedicatedManager
be careful not to be tricked into creating two folders C:\TestASA\theisland\theisland the manager fills this out so you don't need to put theisland in the path !!!

The program will then check for the necessary files:

  • The 'ShooterGame' folder must be present
  • 'steamcmd.exe' must be in the 'steamcmd' folder. Don't worry about that, to assist with this, a 'Reinstall Steam CMD' button is available in the application for your convenience.

If the required files are detected, they will be utilized. If not, you have the option to install a new server, ensuring a seamless transition between managing an existing server and configuring a new one.